Hated For Christ's Sake

Reference: Luke 6:22-26

    If you were going to go and look for a true christian just what kind of a person would you be looking for? Would you look for a person that is considered to be an outstanding citizen in the community or would you look for a person that is hated and despised who's name has been cast out as being an evil person? You have no doubt been taught by your local church that you have joined, that a christian is a person who is real sweet and they are very active in their community affairs and belong to many of the local lodges and clubs such as the Elks Club or the American Legion etc. If this is your concept of what a christian is then will you please explain to me if you can why Christ said what he did in the above verses of scriptures that are found in Luke's gospel? My friend do you claim to be a true born again child of God that loves God's word of the Bible more than anything else in the whole wide world? If you do, then you are no doubt being hated and despised and evil spoken of in your community. Am I right about this my friend? If you are the type of person that thought a true christian is a person that everybody simply loves and adores then you no doubt never bothered to read in the Bible where it speaks about being utterly hated and despised for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What about your pastor of the church that you attend, is he a man that is hated in your community for his stand for the word of God that the Bible reveals? Do your next door neighbors look at you as if you are a creature from outer space? What about your brothers and your sisters of your family? Do  they cast you out as being a black sheep of the family? Are your most persecuting enemies the very members of your own household? You may think that I am crazy by making such statements like I have, but according to the word of God if you are not being hated, despised, and your name cast out as evil etc. , then you my dear sincere friend are in no way, shape, or fashion, even as little as a fraction of an inch close to being what the Bible calls a true born again child of Almighty God. Do you think that I am exaggerating a little by saying what I have stated? If you think so then why did Christ say what he did in the verses of scripture written in Luke 6:22-26? Why don't you measure yourself up with what Jesus said in these scriptures to see if you are what you may think you are when actually you may not be? Can you truthfully say that you fit the description of those that Christ describes in Luke 6:22-26? If you do not, how then can you be a true born again child of God and on your merry way to what you call heaven? Can your mind grasp the thunderous statements about how a child of God will be hated and despised having their name cast out as being evil? It is a very hard thing for most people to believe and understand why a child of God will be thought of as described by our Lord in Luke 6:22-26. This is because most people thought that a christian was a person that was real sweet and was very active in their local community affairs. The truth of the matter is that a person who claims to be a born again child of God and they belong to many of the local lodges being very active in community affairs are the very people that hate and despise the true christians with a very deep passion. The outright sinner is not the ones that persecute the children of God. The so-called religious people are the ones that do the hating and despising of the people of God. Who do you think crucified Christ on the cross of Calvary? If you think the drunk on the street did or the whore mongers, or the heathen, then you are a million miles from the truth of the matter. My friend it was the high-nosed religious hypocrites of the local community that had head religion instead of heart religion. The very people that claimed to love God and obey the law of Moses was the culprits that killed Christ. Who do you think killed the apostles after Christ ascended back to Heaven giving them the power of the Spirit in their heart and lives? The very same religious group that crucified Jesus. If you are a person that claims to be a born again child of God but fail to receive and obey the truth of the revealed word of God then you are what the Bible calls a hypocrite. The Bible reveals that most confessing born again christians today are proven to be blasphemers of his word instead of lovers of his word. To be a blasphemer of the word means to speak evil of it. Many are speaking evil of truth thinking it is false doctrine. My friend if you think that some teaching may be false why then do you speak evil against it? Speaking evil is doing exactly what the Bible says not to do. Why would a true christian speak evil against what he thought was not the truth? If I think a certain teaching is false I certainly would not speak evil against it because evil speaking is of the devil itself. Why can't you see this simple fact? Can you remember what you may have said when someone may have told you that the Bible reveals that you must be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ and not in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Ghost? Have you called this teaching of the devil or have you consented to this truth? Do you blaspheme the doctrine of the oneness of the Godhead or do you pray for those that you think are in error? Do you love them that hate you or do you treat them like they treat you? How many times have you told a Jehovah Witness to get out of your house and take the devil with them? I do not agree with the Jehovah Witness doctrine but I don't speak evil of them like most people do. Evil speaking comes from the heart no matter if you hate and despise a dog. If you get mad as a riled up hornet when someone differs with your way of religion then all you have is religion and not salvation. If you fall in this category of the religionist then you are one that make up all those that persecute the true children of God. You are supposed to be the one to be hated instead of being the one that hates someone for disagreeing with your way of seeing things in the realm of spiritual things. You may think you are doing God a service for treating those who you think are of the devil in a hated and despiteful way, but actually you are revealing your true color by your actions you reveal. The word of God says for a woman to dress modestly, but I guarantee that if a woman will not wear a mini skirt up to her backside then the average church member will avoid her like she had leprosy. If you fail to go along with the filthy jokes that are told by the average person today they will look at you as if you are crazy. If you don't have a television in your house people will say you ought to be locked up and throw away the key. Tell people that you don't celebrate Christmas because of the fact that it is not scriptural, they will call you a heathen and that you don't believe in Christ. Can you show me in the Bible where it says Christ was born December 25? Why then do you have Mass on this day? Now dear friend are you what the Bible calls a Christain?